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Highwind Collabs with Idle Wave to Bring Fans "2023 (Reimagined)"

Back in 2019, New Jersey based band Highwind released "2023," a song about going through a painful event in life. It happens to the best of us, and fans found the song to be very relatable. Today, on January 22nd, 2021, Highwind teamed up with fellow New Jersey based band, Idle Wave, to release a reimagined version of the track. A music video was also released, which shows a behind the scenes look at the making of the song.

Right away, I loved the more acoustic feel to "2023 (Reimagined)". I personally think it fits the song better. The original version has more electric guitars and more production, while the new version is slower, with acoustic guitars playing throughout the track. The effect that is put on top of the vocals throughout the song also adds a nice ring to the track.

While both versions of "2023" are great, I think I prefer the reimagined version more. It's personally more of the style of music I prefer. With that being said, however, the original version definitely still deserves all the hype. To wrap this review up, I'm going to give "2023 (Reimagined)" four out of five stars. I absolutely love this rendition of the track, and I know that everyone that listens to it will, too. Make sure to go listen to "2023 (Reimagined)" now!

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