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Joji's newest single, "Gimme Love" is dance-able and emotional at the same time

During quarantine, a lot of artists have been releasing new music. Joji is no exception, and released his newest single, "Gimme Love", in the heat of the pandemic. This track is the first track off his upcoming album, "Nectar", which will be released this July.

After the very first listen, this song instantly became one of my favorites in Joji's discography. The song is super upbeat for most of the song, and even dance-able, however it does slow down around the halfway point. This is hands down the best part of the track. Joji's voice sounds absolutely beautiful during this bridge, and it sounds even better with headphones on.

One of my favorite lyrics from the song are from the first verse: "Remember those times I fought to get out? I want to get out. Those pictures so clear, they fade in my mind, You leavin' me here with ashes and fire, These people don't heal, these people don't feel, These people aren't real, so make me this deal, Won't you?" This verse as a whole is something I feel like so many people can relate to. So many people nowadays aren't clear with their intentions, so people with good intentions tend to put their guard up. This verse could also be talking about getting out of a toxic environment such as a hometown.

Out of five stars, I'm easily giving "Gimme Love" five stars. This track is absolutely perfect, and is definitely some of Joji's best work in my opinion. I can't wait to see what "Nectar" brings us. Look out for a review of the album once it comes out in July!

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