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Reece Young Releases Phenomenal New Single, "Good Enough"

A little over a week ago, I made a last minute decision to attend a show. One of the openers was Reece Young, an upcoming alternative artist based out of Nashville. I instantly fell in love with his energy and his sound. One of the songs he played was an unreleased song called "Good Enough." This track instantly got stuck in my head as I impatiently waited on its release. Reece was actually kind enough to send me the song early, so shoutout to him!

Upon first listen, I absolutely fell in love with this track. Between the heavy hitting drums, the guitars, the production, the vocals...everything about this song is absolutely phenomenal. The live version of "Good Enough" was amazing but the studio version just hits different. The bridge of this track is definitely my favorite part. The distorted vocals and the breakdown work perfectly together.

The relatability of this song is absolutely unmatched as well. As someone with severe anxiety, I'm always questioning whether I'm good enough or if my actions are good enough, so to see someone write about similar feelings is very comforting. I can see many people respecting the vulnerability and rawness of this track.

With all that being said, I'm going to give "Good Enough" by Reece Young a perfect score of 5 out of 5 stars. This is an S tier song right here, and I can't wait to see where this takes him. It's such a fun track, and I highly recommend everyone listens to it. "Good Enough" is now streaming everywhere you can find music!

Stream "Good Enough" on Spotify by clicking this link:

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