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Weathers Release "Pillows & Therapy", Your New Favorite Album

8123 Fest 2022 took place almost two weeks ago and I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by. It was my first time attending, and at the festival, I discovered a new band called Weathers. Their music immediately started getting stuck in my head, and as soon as I got home from Arizona, I downloaded almost every single one of their songs. Seeing them live at 8123 Fest was an absolute treat; they put on a killer show. All of their songs make me wanna dance and scream the lyrics. I really hope that soon they announce tour dates (based on their posts on social media, it seems possible!), because I’d love to go see them live again. Back in August, they released "Pillows & Therapy," their sophomore album. The record consists of ten songs and is about 32 minutes long.

My favorite songs from this album are "Rehab,", "American Dream,", and of course the beloved "C'est La Vie". "Rehab" is easily one of my favorite Weathers songs. It's just such an addicting track. Everything from the verses, to the fast paced bridge, to the chorus keep me hooked and I find this track getting stuck in my head constantly.

"American Dream" is a very relatable but depressing track. The chorus speaks for itself: "I can't find a job, I can't function without weed, I toss and turn all night, is this the American Dream?" This is sadly the reality for many Americans. The job market is absolutely awful right now with the pandemic still going on. Most Americans are getting underpaid and living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes substance abuse is the only thing that makes many people feel okay. Drugs and alcohol make that anxiety go away, even if only for a little while.

Finally, "C'est La Vie" closes out the album. I remember when I heard this song live at 8123 Fest, it instantly got stuck in my head. It was actually the first track of theirs that I looked up when I got back home. It's such a catchy song, and it's even more enjoyable live. At 8123 Fest in particular, during the bridge when Boyer sings "someone go get me some more confetti," some people in the crowd actually threw confetti into the air. His reaction was absolutely priceless, and I'm so glad I got to witness that. If you listen to any Weathers song, I recommend checking out "C'est La Vie" first. It's a classic.

While this record does have many hits such as the catchy as hell "Losing Blood" and the fun "Talking is Hard", there is one song on this album that I'm not particularly fond of. "Strange Dayz" is my least favorite on the album personally. It's just not a song I personally vibe with, or find myself listening to. It is, however, the only song on "Pillows & Therapy" that I don't like.

With all that being said, I'm going to give "Pillows & Therapy" by Weathers four and a half stars out of five. While I may not personally like "Strange Dayz", the rest of the tracks on this record are amazing and make up for it. I love this album so much, and I highly recommend you all check it out. The album is now available everywhere you find music, so what are you waiting for? Go give Weathers the love they deserve!

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