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LA native, Wesley David, releases new album, "Never Late Than Better"

Wesley David is someone who has lived a very interesting life. From being in a religious cult in his youth to owning a piano bar in Los Angeles in the current day, he's definitely seen some things. Back in September, David released his latest project, "Never Late Than Better". The album contains eleven songs and clocks in at 47 minutes long.

This album has many good songs on it, however, today I'm going to list my favorites. My first favorite on this record is "Ball of Yarn". After this song, I started to realize that this album gives me Jack's Mannequin vibes. The piano, the way he sings: many different factors just remind me of Andrew McMahon. If you enjoy his music, you'll like this album.

Another song I really enjoyed on this album is "Fuck You, Hitler!". The title of this track alone instantly caught my attention. This song is extremely powerful. It talks about homelessness, religion, mental illness, etc. This is definitely a song you should check out.

"Isn't It Grey" is a ballad about David's past in Christianity. You can really feel the emotion channeled in this song, and you can imagine all the things he went through being in such a toxic environment and mindset.

Finally, we have the leading single, "The Process." If I HAD to pick a least favorite on the album, it would probably be this one. I don't dislike it, per say, however, I didn't like it as much as the other songs.

There wasn't a single track on this record that I disliked. Some I liked more than others, however, I didn't find myself wanting to skip any of the songs. As I said earlier, if you enjoy Jack's Mannequin or Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, I'd highly recommend listening to this album. This album has a similar sound to both bands, and as a fan of Andrew McMahon, I found myself enjoying it thoroughly. If you're anyone that has also struggled with being in a toxic religious environment like David was, I also recommend giving this record a listen. With all that being said, I'm going to give this album an 8.5 out of 10. Make sure to go check out "Never Late Than Better" on Spotify now!

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