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New York band, The Phoenix Within, comes back with another great single, "Tenfold"

This past Friday, (June 19th) The Phoenix Within released a new single in "Tenfold". This is the following single to "Hypothetical", which is my favorite song by TPW right now. (Perhaps we'll be getting an album soon?)

This song, from what I gathered, is about hating someone after a breakup. This is definitely something we can all relate to, which makes the song that much better. You can really feel the aggression coming from the vocals here, which adds to the overall enjoy-ance of the track. The guitars and vocals in this song are amazing, and I love the bridge of this track. However, it does feel almost unfinished, as it clocks in at only two minutes and seventeen seconds long. Nevertheless, the lyrics to this song do hit deep and touch on a topic we can all relate to, so it still deserves credit.

While I do like this song, however, I still prefer "Hypothetical". That being said, though, I'm still going to give "Tenfold" four out of five stars. It's still an amazing song, I just wish it was a little bit longer.

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