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Pop punk band Ronx releases new single, "February"

On February 12th, New York based pop punk/emo band released their latest single. This track touches on the loneliness that is felt during the month of love. The song also touches on an old flame, and feelings of regret/nostalgia for said person.

I absolutely love the instrumentals for this single. The intro reminds me a song that would be a part of a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, which is a franchise that I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid. The guitars add a great touch, and I can definitely see myself jamming out to this song.

I also love the vocals on this track. There's almost a soothing sound to the lead singer's voice, and it's super relaxing. You can still feel the pain in his voice as the song progresses, however. "February" is a track that I think a lot of people can relate too, including me. It's difficult spending this time of year alone, and Ronx captured that perfectly.

I'm going to rate this song five out of five stars. I love the vocals, the instrumentals, the relatability, etc. I can definitely see myself growing to love this song even more. "February" is available everywhere now, make sure to go give it a listen!

(photo credit: Daniel Diaz)

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