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Songs that Help Boost My Confidence

As a young female, confidence is something that is very important to me. Back in high school, I was extremely insecure and saw no worth in myself. Now, current day, this mindset is mostly gone. While I would describe myself as a confident person, everyone has their moments of insecurity. Today I'm going to go over some songs in my confidence boosting playlist, and hope that they can help anyone that may be feeling down on themselves.

  1. Kiwi- Harry Styles

Something I've noticed is that a lot of Harry Styles' songs make me feel absolutely untouchable. "Kiwi" makes me feel like the bad bitch I was always meant to be. This track goes absolutely insane with the guitars and vocals, and I think this should be on everyone's confidence boosting playlist.

2. Casual Affair- Panic! At the Disco

I don't know what it is about this song (I'm asexual for those of you that may not know) but this song makes me feel extremely sexy. For someone with zero sex drive, this is a very rare feeling. However, this song definitely makes me feel good about myself.

3. She- Harry Styles

Didn't I tell you there are multiple Harry songs in this playlist? While there are more, "She" is the last one I will be touching on. THIS IS MY CONFIDENCE BOOSTER SONG. No other song makes me feel as beautiful and confident as this song does. Remember when I said that "Kiwi" made me feel like a bad bitch? Well, this song makes me feel like an even badder bitch. Maybe the baddest bitch. This track makes me feel like the most gorgeous human being on this planet. Go give it a listen; I promise it'll do the same thing for you.

4. Vengeance Overdrive- Kore Rozzik

"Wow Sammie, this is probably the heaviest song you have saved!" I know. "Vengeance Overdrive" is a song that I was instantly hooked on the moment I saw it live back in February. This track makes me feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, no matter how big the task may be.

5. Oh My God- HELLYEAH

Oh wow, another heavier song! Who am I? Just like with "Vengeance Overdrive", "Oh My God" makes me feel like I can conquer the world. I have to give props to my friend Emmy for getting me hooked on both of these tracks. Now, I can't go a single day without listening to both of them.

6. Juice- Tiny Meat Gang

I never thought in a million years that a song by a rap duo called Tiny Meat Gang would make me feel good about myself, but here we are. I've said it before and I'll say it again: "Juice" is hands down TMG's best song. Don't try to fight me on this, you know I'm right.

7. Fakin'- Hoodie Allen

It's no surprise to anyone that I have to put a song (or two) by Hoodie Allen on this list. "Fakin'" is the first one on the list, and is one of three tracks by the New York based rapper on my playlist. (If he added his older mixtapes/albums to Spotify there'd be more on here!) "Fakin'" is another one of those songs where I don't know why it makes me feel the way it makes me feel. It just kind of happens. I'm not against it though. Maybe it's the faster rap towards the end of the song. (I can rap the entire thing!)

8. Sirens- Hoodie Allen

The final song on this list is yet another song by Hoodie. Surprised? Didn't think so. "Sirens" makes me feel confident due to this one line alone: "She make the sirens go off". So obviously this song is about a hot girl, and every time I listen to it, I feel like a hot chick.

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