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Tiny Meat Gang drops fun new song featuring Quinn XCII

Everybody that knows me knows I love everything Cody Ko and Noel Miller (aka Tiny Meat Gang/TMG) do. The podcast, their videos, their music...I love it all. On March 30th, they dropped their newest single, "Daddy". The song features rapper Quinn XCII and is full of clever dad jokes and bars. Quinn XCII adds a nice "sing-y" vibe to the single, which is something you don't really hear a lot in a TMG track. It adds a unique sound for them and is definitely something I'd like to see more in their discography in the future.

On March 31st, the music video for "Daddy" dropped. In the video, Cody, Noel, and Quinn are all dressed as dads (makeup, outfits, etc.) and doing dad activities such as grilling, chilling in the hot tub, etc. While this isn't my favorite music video of TMG's, it's still pretty funny and enjoyable. Seeing Quinn XCII in this music video is also a nice touch, especially since this is the first feature they've had on a song since they did "short kings anthem" with blackbear.

With that all being said, I'm going to give "Daddy" 3.5 stars out of 5. It isn't their best work, however, it's not their worst either. It's also not their best featured song; I definitely prefer "short kings anthem" over this track. However, I still think this song deserves to be checked out, so if you haven't heard it yet, I definitely recommend it. You can listen to it anywhere you listen to your music, and be sure to check out the music video as well!

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